Halloween DIY: Slip77 Takes a Stab at Sugar Skull-ing

In the spirit of the holiday the ladies of Slip77 decided to try our luck at this Sugar Skull stuff. Just to mix it up a bit we decided to paint pumpkins instead of our own faces. Admittedly, we’re no Frida Kahlo’s over here, but I think we did pretty well for our first Halloween DIY!

Slip77 in the Kitchen: Caramel Apple Sweet Rolls

  One might expect a recipe post to begin with a photo of the anticipated results of the efforts put forth in said recipe…that is, unless it’s a recipe you’ve never made and eagerly chose to make at 8AM after a late night of one too many beers and midnight sushi. Thereby leaving you with

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Live Local: Slip77 Dining out on Martha’s Vineyard

When word got out that Atria’s famous 2-for-1 Burger Night was back in action (they only offer it during the winter months, apologies to our summer friends) we knew we had to partake. We invited a few of our girlfriends to join us on our outing of feasting, sipping and general excessive caloric intake.