The Guide to Martha’s Vineyard Travel: Weekender Bag

Martha’s Vineyard Travel

Visiting Martha’s Vineyard? Make sure you have your bags packed in style. Here is Slip77’s guide to weekender bags for every traveler.

Classic Vineyard Nautical Sea Captain

Wether you’re a sea captain or a prepster, this classic nautical bag is for you. Made from recycled boat sails in Portland, Maine, you’re getting a little piece of history with each bag. The nature of the bag exudes Martha’s Vineyard, so you’re sure to be mistaken for a local carrying this one. Get it here at Sea Bags.

Martha's Vineyard  Travel Bags


Hard Working City Slicker Travels to Martha’s Vineyard

Hudson Sutler is doing something right. They have designed and constructed one of the most durable canvas bags out there. This bag can get tossed around the ferry and thrown in the back of your rental Jeep, without a care in the world.

Martha's Vineyard Travel Bags

Fancy Shmancy Guy Keeping It Low Key In Laid-Back Martha’s Vineyard

Waskerd knows a thing or two about leather craftsmanship. They hand-stitch each and every piece that goes out their door. Which is all handmade steps from the Liberty Bell. What can get more American than that? And the best part is that they are custom made. So you know your bag will be just as unique as you are.


Martha's Vineyard Travel Bags


Bohemian Chick Who Decided to Take A Last Minute Trip Just Because She Can

This girl is not messing around, because she just doesn’t have to. She takes life easy, and it seemed like a good weekend to visit some friends on the island. Vaalbara is a Martha’s Vineyard and Southern California favorite, and its soon to be yours too. Best part about this beauty is the zipper top. Those precious Mala Beads aren’t going anywhere.

Martha's Vineyard Travel Bags


Casual Hipster Who Doesn’t Want To Carry Anything

This guy or gal is pumped to have a weekend off from the stress of the deadlines at work. They want to come to the vineyard, hop on a rental bike and take the town by storm. There’s too much to do and too much to see to be tied down to a bag. Throw this handmade sack on your back, and you’re all set. Bonus: you’ll have a free hand for all that Instagramming.

Martha's Vineyard Travel Bags


Traveling to Martha’s Vineyard seems to require some planning and forethought, so we hope this guide takes a little stress off. But it really just boils down to 3 easy steps. 1. Pack a bag 2. Catch the ferry 3. Have a Dirty Banana. Pretty much heaven to all of us here.


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