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I know all of you thought that this blog was all crafts, fashion and fattening recipes with a smattering of behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, but lest you not forget we do take the occasional opportunity to provide you with some educational posts designed to make you appear smarter, more funner and less dumber in front of all of your friends (remember our tradeshow prep post,  or our guide to bourbon selection, or even our holiday how-to on picking cheese for a party!). And alas, this will be another post of the sort, aimed at saving you time and making you like us more.TIPS & TRICKS

With the launch of the new iphone 12+Q Hi-FI #smartestphone iTouch Droid Thing, and the recent discovery by one Slip77 staff member who shall remain nameless who JUST realized her iphone 4S is equipped with a flashlight (and no longer has to use a flashlight app), we thought we’d send our blog-reading friends back to a school all your own.

iPhone school.

Saddle up, charge your phone (turn on airplane mode to charge faster!), and maybe tell your mom/grandma/dumb sibling to check out this post on top iPhone tips too – all those years of smartphone tutorials don’t come cheap, after all. We’re about to clue you in to the wonders of that handy little computer you jam into your pocket/bag/center console day after day – it’s not all facebook and instagram, kids.

This thing does some really cool stuff outside of the million apps you use that will make you better, faster, strong…you know the deal. (Disclaimer: I tested these all on my iPhone 6 using iOS 9.0.2 – not sure if these will all work on older operating systems or phones)

1. Bubble Level.

Yea, how useful this would have been when we were doing the renovation at our new digs on Circuit Ave! Nonetheless, leave that big, dumb lime green level at home next time you need to answer the question: “Does that look straight?” Open the compass app (that’s on your phone by default, I promise) – swipe right and Level on, baby.

Photo Courtesy of:
Photo Courtesy of:

2. You can use BOLD, Italic or underlined text after all!

In some apps (like mail, sorry – this doesn’t apply to texting yet) you can use rich-text formatting. Highlight the text you want to edit (hold down on a word and drag left or right to highlight more than a single word) and tap the arrow that appears in the copy/paste pop-up. Then tap the B U option to add formatting.

3. Be Cheap with Data

Since AT&T axed unlimited data plans, we’ve all been forced to be more mindful of our data usage. Truth be told – some apps get really greedy. But – it’s possible to remedy this by choosing which apps can use cellular data anytime and which ones only load over wi-fi. Go to Settings > Cellular and disable data for those dumb apps you forgot you downloaded when you were drunk (but might need next time your drunk and therefore, still warrant a place on your phone).

4. Use Fancy Letters

Have you ever wanted to text someone about  for example, but couldn’t find the o with the dots? Well, guess what – if you hold down any letter/character just a bit longer there is a whole other world of foreign letters and symbols you’ve been missing out on. So next time you and your friends are having a heated discussion about Björk, don’t lose your credibility by improper and inaccurate spelling.

5. Use the Timer to Turn Off Music

Do you like pina coladas? And getting caught in the rain? How about listening to music as you doze off at night? Rather than torture the lucky soul who gets to share your bed at night with the muffled sounds of Sam Smith, try the following: Tap on Clock –> Timer –> When Timer Ends. Scroll down and tap Stop Playing, then set a timer for however long you’d like and tap Start. Now pull up those covers and be whisked away into dream land, and pray you fall asleep before that timer goes off.78d7f3970143f7c3e38ed227e1a3529f

6. Delete Last Digit in Calculator App

I happened to nerd out at this one because I don’t know math and rely on my phone to act as a Ti-83 in all aspects of life. SO, next time you’re furiously punching numbers into your iphone calculator and became a little overzealous with the digits, you can just swipe left or right to delete the last digit you typed in, rather than having to use the (C) Clear button. I admit, it’s unapologetically lazy but no doubt you’re trying it out on your phone right now.

7. Activate Text to Speak

Let’s say you’re driving in your car on a busy highway, and your friend sends you the article/Slip77 blog post you have been DYING to read, but you can’t read it right now because duh, you’re driving. And all you wish is to just have your phone read it out loud to you because you CANNOT wait until later. TaDa! Enter: Text to Speech. Go to Settings –> General –> Accessibility. Tap Speech –> Speak Selection. Adjust the Speaking Rate to determine how fast text is read.  Now open any Slip77 blog post website, touch and hold the text area you want read out loud, highlight exactly what it is you want to hear and tap the SPEAK button. (This isn’t exclusive to websites and can be used on Notes, Emails, or any other document)Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.27.54 PM

8. Autofill Credit Card Info

Don’t you hate when you’re impulse online shopping and get to the part where you have to pay, but then are forced to reconsider your purchase as you fish for the least maxed out credit card you own? Let iphone alleviate you of that anxiety and just input that info automatically – eliminating any room for second guessing and storing it on your phone. Here’s how: Settings –> Autofill –> Saved Credit Cards –> Add Credit Card. Once you have a card stored you can fulfill your online shopping addiction with ease! Simply tap the “Autofill Credit Card” option when a website prompts you to enter your credit card number.

9. Save Storage by Automatically Deleting Messages

I can’t be the only one who has been forced to do a massive purge of saved photos/texts/emails/videos/notes every time I want to update my phone. I thought this thing was supposed to be a computer, after all?! Well bad news is the Messages app is a storage nightmare – especially if you send or receive a lot of photos and videos. Want to keep that storage to a minimum? Set the app to automatically delete messages either after 30 days or a year. Settings –> Messages –> Keep Messages, and select the timeframe you’re comfortable with.delete iphone messages

10. Simplify your Selfies

This is a personal favorite of mine and a severely underutilized feature of the iphone in my opinion. Experiencing a selfie failure on account of small hands? Or maybe you’re trying to take a picture of the creep sitting at the table next to you but don’t want to make it too obvious that you’re taking his photo without permission? Either way – as long as the camera app is open, you can use the volume buttons on the side of the phone to take photos! This is a total game changer, guys!2CFD27A400000578-3256783-image-m-1_1443737036706

I think this is the appropriate place to insert a *mic-drop*, right?

PS – I also want to mention that I cannot stake claim to any of the photos used here because it’s impossible to take  a picture of your iphone with your iphone. Honestly who even owns a camera anymore anyways?

Courtesy of Reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

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