Made in the USA: Artist Spotlight on Milk+Honey

We’re continuing on with our Made in the USA series, in which we highlight some awesomely talented artists and brands that we are stoked to have in our lineup at Slip77. If you’ve been in the shop during the last six months or so, you may have seen our custom candles. With summer scents like OB Beach Bum (grilled pineapple and coconut) and Summer of ’77 (beach grass, sea salt and citrus) we knocked the candle game out of the park. And we can’t forget to mention this autumn’s Island’s Famous Fritter. It’s a doughnuty, sugary, appley blend of delicious sweetness that transports you back to summertime and Back Door Donuts, minus the hour wait in Reliable’s parking lot. But we can’t take all of the credit. You and I both know we don’t have time to mix up soy, wax and whatever the heck else goes into these little scented wonders. After testing out a few offerings from multiple small batch candle makers we happily settled on Milk+Honey Candle Company.


Milk+Honey is a Wichita, Kansas based brand started in 2013 by Lisa Williams. She’s a typical Midwest girl who can appreciate hard work, believing in yourself and doing good. The American spirit of entrepreneurial success called to her and she answered. She began her journey in her home kitchen (the operation recently expanded into her basement!) and selling at farmer’s markets in her area. In a relatively short amount of time Milk+Honey was picked up by her local Whole Foods Market (hence the upgrade to the basement) and she’s certainly not stopping there.

Milk+Honey Lisa

So why M+H for Slip77? Well, for starters she’s another small business. And we like to support USA made artists and brands as much as possible. Hopefully it’s a little positive karmic goodwill that’ll come back our way. Either way, she creates phthalate-free candles (it means when we light those babies up they won’t release any harmful chemicals) using American farmed soy wax, and that’s something we could really get into. We’re also going to toot her horn a little and let you in on the fact that she was a 2015 Martha Stewart American Made nominee. We think that’s kind of a big deal so toot-toot, girl.

Milk+Honey collage

Milk+Honey Melts

Lisa was also interested in taking our scent ideas, inspired by our amazing island of course, and going a step further. She makes small batches and carefully hand pours all of her candles so she’s able to pay attention to detail when she’s customizing ours. We collaborated on colors, labels and packaging to create a cohesive product that we are proud to sell at the shop.

Fritter candle-2

Check out the Milk+Honey website for Lisa’s soy candles and wax melts such as Ginger & Saffron, Eucalyptus Spearmint and Sage Leaf. She also creates a seasonal selection each fall that only lasts a short time. As I type, the team here at Slip77 is tossing around ideas for next year’s candles so stay tuned!

Do you have a great idea for a new Slip77 candle scent? We’d love to hear it! Shoot us an email at and let us know!


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