make smoothie bowls

Beach Prep 101: How to Make a Healthy Smoothie Bowl

Yup. Smoothie BOWL. With another Summer on the way, and the green smoothies of Summers past just a faint memory, the Internet-o-sphere has slapped us in the face with yet another (food related) trend we just couldn’t resist. If you spend any minutiae of time on Instagram then I’m 100% certain you’ve seen the smoothie bowl breakfast trend and probably not-so-secretly wanted to try it. We’ve been whippin’ up our own versions in the kitchen this winter and wanted to let you in on how to make a healthy smoothie bowl worthy of your loyal Instagram followers. Read on my healthy heroes and heroines – and prepare for breakfast domination.
make smoothie bowls

The trick to the smoothie bowl? Use slightly less liquid than in your usual smoothie – you need this liquid gold  green to be thick enough to dig in with a spoon…I’m sure that sentence alone has you just RAVENOUS, doesn’t it? The point is – you want the smoothie to be richer and creamier than your standard issue morning blend, more like ice-cream. But not actually ice cream because that wouldn’t necessarily check all the boxes for the purposes of this post now would it.

Looking for the stupid simple version of making your own smoothie bowl at home? Great because that’s exactly what you’re getting here.basic smoothie bowl recipe

Pro Tip: 90% of the reason why we dig smoothie bowls is because when you make the transition from glass to bowl you open  up a WHOLE NEW WORLD of topping possibilities. Now that you’re scooping and not sipping, you can pretty much quadruple the topping situation and actually feel like you’re having a meal and not being punished/liquid dieting.

And if you REALLY want to amp up the antioxidant/super-power richness of your bowl – go for some exotic add-ins like acai (it’s all the rage everywhere but here), dragon fruit, goji berries, flax seeds, kamut, hemp seeds. If refinancing your house to afford such luxuries on the island isn’t an option – try – they’ve got a boatload of superfoods, nuts and dried fruits that will take your smoothie bowl from second string to STARTING LINEUP, BABY. assembling a smoothie bowl

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