#tbt – The Big Move of Summer 2015

You missed us. We know. But we missed you too. Swear. And if you think we’d rather have spent all Summer explaining to people where the Black Dog store is or how to get to the Gingerbread Houses or what to do and where to go with only a few hours on Martha’s Vineyard or the best place to have breakfast/lunch/dinner/drinks….you’re (very, very) wrong. We obviously would have preferred to be right here having one-sided virtual conversations with all of YOU. So thanks for not losing faith in us, and giving us a second chance. We promise we won’t disappear for that long ever again, at least not until Summer 2016.

If you didn’t grace Martha’s Vineyard with your presence this Summer, then you may not have known that Slip77 upgraded its digs this season. We made the big move from Lake Ave up to Circuit – and we documented the whole dang thing. And so we present to you …a glimpse behind the drop cloth…of the Slip77 Relocation of 2015.

We left behind our little harbor side spot on Lake Ave for the big city lights of Circuit Ave.

Retail Store Renovation

19 Circuit Ave started out as a very empty, very white, very, very boring blank canvas. Somehow, with a bit of muscle, a lot of sandpaper, and some severe sleep deprivation we managed to turn it into the store you see today.

First order of business – dismantle the 28 Lake Ave store – our flagship! Where it all began! The end of an era! Whatever, we were about to gain about 500 additional square feet. Sorrykbye.

Marthas Vineyard

After taking the old digs apart, we had to wait approximately…too many days, before we could start moving in to our new home.

Show of hands – who remembers good ol’ Seasons pub? What shocks me is how many people would complain about what a dump that place was, but the second we opened our doors no one would shut up about how much they missed it! As glam metal band Cinderella would say – “you don’t know what you got ’till it’s gone.” In any event, thankfully they left us the really beautiful brick red colored and un-cleanable restaurant tiles in our back office. So if you ever really get nostalgic about Seasons feel free to ask us to take you to the office where you can get a rare glimpse back in time.

19 Circuit AveIMG_0070_2IMG_8047

ummm yea. We signed up for THIS.


While all of that up there was happening…there was a lot of decision making happening. And I am not very good at decision making, especially in areas of which I know absolutely nothing. Like for example, lighting. I kid you not, the main source of my heightened anxiety between the months of February and late May was lightbulbs. It is ABSURD the amount of crap there is to know about lighting. But, I am happy to tell you that I can accurately explain to you the relative differences between LED/Halogen and incandescent lightbulbs, pros and cons of each in varying environments, proper LED selection for a retail environment and SO.MUCH.MORE. But alas, that is another fun, fact-filled blog post for another day.BEFORE copy 3

Choosing the right lighting for retail
See the difference? Same jacket – same wall – 4 bulbs – 4 different aesthetics

Once we were sort of given the OK to move in – this is what we were workin’ with. (Someone cue the “oohs” and “aahs”)

Pre-paint and pre-floors
Post-paint and pre-floors


From there we had to start space planning. Which, if you’ve never had to do it, can be challenging because you realize how different perception can be from reality. This is when our genius minds really came into play. We had a giant roll of black paper that we cut into the same dimensions as our displays – tables, free-standings, crates, etc. And laid them all out to get  a better idea of how we’d lay out the store.  Study and Learn, people. Study and Learn.

Did any else LOL at the “Wobbly table” description?


Then we put floors in and literally moved all of Oak Bluffs into our new space and tried to make sense of it all. This is the ugly BTS truth of moving a business. (But don’t those floors look SMASHING?!)


And then this became our new home…and new view…until we opened those beautiful, automatic, handicap accessible doors for the first time Memorial Day weekend.IMG_8809IMG_0103_2

We did a lot of sanding. And yes, we did it ourselves. Because we are basically just like Beyonce – strong and independent women. We don’t need no men. I mean, except to do anything that wasn’t sanding.


And just for the record – pretty much everything you see in the shop, including our register, was custom built. (Shout out to Tom for hookin’ it up!)IMG_8804

Can I tell you guys how excited I was to buy that Bakers Rack?
Can I tell you guys how excited I was to buy that Bakers Rack?

And just like that (not really, it was weeks of agony) like a caterpillar to a butterfly – we got it done. And went from what you saw up there – to this…

IMG_9461 IMG_9454IMG_9459IMG_9464 IMG_9466 IMG_9467 IMG_9476IMG_9470IMG_9471IMG_9472Kind of incredible, isn’t it? We like to think so. Are you planning a relocation of your own? Or maybe you’re just remodeling your existing retail space? If you have any questions about our process, feel free to drop us a line – email us at info@slip77.com and we would be happy to help!



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