Travelin’ Tales: Portland, ME


When three of my girlfriends asked me to head to Portland, Maine with them I knew I would’ve been a dimwit to say no. And boy am I glad I went. Have you been to Portland? If not, then go. Like, now. I think everyone is aware that we here at Slip enjoy consuming delicious food and imbibing a creative cocktail or two, so we’re here to give you a peek into some of the amazing tapas bars/gastropubs/fizz houses (yea, that’s for real and it was awesome) in Portland. I couldn’t tell you where to hike or what sights to see (that’s for the next trip) but if eating and drinking is your thing, then game on.

We started out at Eventide Oyster for a snack and pretty much ended up ordering the whole menu. Tuna crudo, crispy brussels and of course the raw bar are on the top of the list.


Untitled design

Eventide collage2

Eventide sandwich

Next up, the apothecary-inspired Vena’s Fizz House for some super unique cocktails and mocktails using small batch bitters, tonic syrups and infusions. They also have a little shop in the front that you do not want to miss. I had to try the Spruce Pine Syrup (we were in Portland after all) so I ordered the Lumberjack Love- definitely did not disappoint.


Vena Fizzes

Vena Standards

Vena curatives

Dinner at Sur Lie, a tapas-style restaurant, is not to be missed. Some favorites included the Fried Milk Braised Cauliflower, Seared Scallops, Panzanella’s Doppelgänger and Broiled Spanish Octopus. For dessert try the Strawberry Bubbles (remember the exploding volcano from 6th grade science class? Yea, it’s kinda like a grown-up version of that and way tastier) and the Blueberry/Lemon Donuts.






Brunch? Mexican? We’ve got you covered with Zapoteca. Start with a Bloody Mary or Michelada and make sure to try the Cashew Nut Salsa and the Juevos Rancheros.





Central Provisions provides kickass small plates and craft cocktails. After two days of eating and drinking, I obviously had to try the Corpse Reviver. Faves here were the Cheese Pairings, Miso Broiled Swordfish and the Duckfat Brussel Sprouts.





Need more options? These were on our list (and suggested by trusted friends) but we couldn’t make it happen:

Boda Thai


Honey Paw


Local 188

Little Tap House

J’s Oyster

Salvage BBQ


Bearded Ladies Jewel Box (recommended by a local for some after dinner drinks and dancing)


Let us know if you have some fave spots in Portland and we’ll add it to our bucket list for the next visit!



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